Recipes raise funds!

11039057_585734274863653_1752486551008677728_nQuick, quick, quick post as we must leave the house in 20 minutes – but I need to say this!

During May we are asking people to send in their family Favourite recipe so we can create a recipe book to sell and raise funds for Bryn’s Helping Hand so we can support families of babies with life limiting and life threatening conditions.

When I was in the initial process of setting up the charity I was very aware that there are lots of charities these days all asking for money and of course money is tight. So I always had the intention that people could raise funds and donate in a way that they could achieve something too.

This is where the recipe book comes in a way for people to help us raise funds that involves nothing more for them than sending an email (with a recipe – don’t just send a blank email). We can then create a beautiful and useful recipe book (made with love because they are your family favourites right? You love cooking them and your family loves eating them) Then rather than shaking a pot at people we can invite them to buy our recipe book, it can be for them, or as a gift for a friend or family member)

That way everyone wins – yes? You have helped this incredible charity, supported families who are going through a terribly difficult time, helped keep Bryn’s name alive, and given a little gift to the world of a tasty dish they can create for themselves.

I can’t see any losers here can you?

So how can you help? Well obviously send us your recipe, then go to the facebook page and find the pinned post and share that with your friends (make sure you set it as a public post so it can be shared far and wide) , print off the poster and let your friends know, maybe you go to a club or group – can you put the poster up there? Tweet us, instagram us, pinterest us – anything you can think of.

Those families will be most grateful if you can help us and s shall we.

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Please share! And importantly send in your recipe!Bryn’s Helping Hand is a charity supporting families of babies with…

Posted by Bryn’s Helping Hand on Sunday, May 3, 2015